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Our business has severed Mankato Residents since 1994. Our customers receive the highest quality in high speed internet service in and nearby Mankato, KS. You'll get a local Mankato technician, and get installed within a day or two.

Get High-speed Internet in Mankato, KS with HughesNet Satellite Internet Service. It's available now, and where you live, as long as you've got a clear view of the southern sky. With download speeds up to 15 Mbps, you be happy you switched. Call us today at 1-888-558-0996.

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Mankato, KS internet has never been better!

With HughesNet high-speed internet, Mankato, KS residents get download speeds as fast as 15 Mbps. Consistently fast all day, every day with a private, direct connection to a network designed for consistent speed. Plus choose what speed you need, all at an affordable price. Call us today and get high-speed internet in Mankato, KS.

"Internet in Mankato, KS"
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Written on Dec. 4, 2013


We're HughesNet is excellent high-speed internet in Mankato, KS. These guys took very good care of us.

"HughesNet is wonderful"
HughesNet in Mankato, KS
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Written on Dec. 4, 2013


We're very happy with our internet service in Mankato, KS. We've had DLS before, but HughesNet is much faster, and more reliable.


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